5 things you need on a Cyprus cruise

5 things you need to bring on a cruise in Cyprus

Already booked or planning your cruise in Cyprus and wondering what you’ll need whilst you’re aboard? Have a read of our guide of the top five essentials you’ll need on every Cyprus cruise!

1.      Sun lotion

Whilst you might think this is pretty obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people forget their essential SPF when heading out on a cruise! Make sure to pack and reapply your sunscreen regularly as the Cyprus sun reflects powerfully off the sea, making it a recipe for a sun burn if you’re not careful!

2.      Towels

A day out at sea isn’t really complete without a dip in the water, so other than your swimwear you might also want to bring a towel to dry off after refreshing swim!

3.      Goggles or snorkels

With that being said, most Cyprus cruises will make various swim stops at some of the islands most breathtaking locations, like the Cyprus Blue Lagoon. For those who wish to explore the waters further, goggles and snorkels are an awesome idea!

4.      Cardigan or light jacket

This one might surprise you, but for sunset cruises during the months of May, September and October, we always recommend bringing something to wear in case it gets chilly on the evening cruise.

5.      Cash/ Credit card

Unless you’re booking an all-inclusive Cyprus cruise, it’s important to bring some form of money with you for refreshments that may not be included in the cost of your ticket. Most boats and yachts have fully stocked bars with a range of beverages, ice creams and more! You might also want to leave a tip for the crew if you experienced exceptional service onboard!

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